Looking For Lynx

Looking For Lynx In The Sierra Andujar

Lynx FootprintsOur Looking for Lynx tour features the area of Sierra de Andujar in northern Andalucia.  This tour operates from September to mid-May. Our highly successful “Looking for Lynx” tours will see you tracking one of only two known viable populations of Iberian Lynx left on the peninsula.

Lynx CubThis species is one of the world’s most endangered felines, so low in numbers that it could be the next cat to follow in the tracks of the Sabre-Toothed Tiger. On an optimistic note, in the last 5 years, numbers have increased encouragingly owing to a successful reintroduction programme. Their population decline has been caused by loss and fragmentation of habitat, traps, illegal hunting, road accidents and decline in food sources.

The Area

Andújar National ParkThis beautiful National Park in Northern Andalucia lies between the Rivers Jandula and Yeguas.  It contains rolling woodlands where Golden Orioles call from the holm and cork oaks along with flocks of chattering Azure-Winged Magpies.

Spanish IbexAs well as the Iberian lynx, the Andujar National Park hosts large numbers of red and fallow deer along with wild boar, mouflon, Spanish ibex, otters, the strictly nocturnal  (and rarely seen!) genet and special birds such as the magnificent Spanish Imperial Eagle and Black and Griffon Vultures. In the evenings, Red-Necked Nightjars hawk for insects along the tracks of the Park.Iberian Lynx Flocks of the charismatic azure-winged magpies patrol the river valleys and extensive Mediterranean forests. We also visit a roosting bat colony which includes the endearing greater mouse-eared bat.

Iberian LynxWe fully enjoy the food and culture specific to this area, particularly sampling the Serrano hams from the black pigs which roam freely in these Mediterranean woodlands.

Accommodation & Prices

Villa MatildeOur accommodation, a very comfortable CTR in the National Park, is conveniently situated for access to the best lynx watching sites. Breakfast and evening meals are included along with a light lunch.

Ample time for personal relaxation during the day is balanced with excursions into the park in search of the myriad of wildlife that make it their home. We will incorporate a night-time drive along some of the tracks on the park in the hope of seeing some nocturnal activity.

Misty DawnThe cost is £1385 for a 4 day/3 night tour. Early mornings and evenings will be spent at vantage points throughout the park scanning the areas favoured by the lynx.

But basically, tell us your requirements and we will do our utmost to put together a package to suit you.

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