Two Wolves on Night One!

It is good to welcome Linda back for her regular Watching for Wolves tour with Wild Wolf Experience. She comes every year and is always successful with wolf sightings. However, never before has she seen wolf on her first night with us! Last night, the first night of her tour, Linda was  watching with us as John caught sight of a large wolf pacing through the heather.  This was soon joined by another wolf and they greeted each other, tails aloft. Against a magnificent backdrop of a colourful Culebra sunset and to the roars of rutting stags, we felt elated  and excited by such a wild, natural sight. Hopefully we shall have more to report during this tour with Linda, but what a start!

As the week has progressed we have been treated to further excellent views.  John was able to video one of these wolves carrying a leg of a deer, which I have added to the videos section of this website. Last night (Tuesday 20th September) John, Linda and I were joined by friends Ros and Terry and we were lucky enough to see the behaviour between a wolf and a young stag as their paths crossed. I shall add this video to the website too. I hope you are also enjoying John’s video of the impressive stag ready for the rut. This can be watched on our Wild Wolf Experience Facebook page, and also on the Gallery page on this site. What a week…and it’s only Wednesday!

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